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20 August 2014

The same, but different...

... and by different I mean better... nicer... more enjoyable...

On saturday I packed my bag.. or the (smallish) suitcase that was needed because I decided it was easier to pull rather than carry a bag containing 21 stamp sets and misc' other bits & pieces... (you know- those things that you pack 'just in case')

(& yes I realise this is quite a plain suitcase, no artistic embellishment -  this is because my husband also uses it for business trips! when I find the photo (or suitcase) I'll show you how I customised my large suitcase)

.... and boarded the train to London to go work... I used to do this all the time - 10plus years commuting to London doing jobs I mostly enjoyed (I say 'mostly' as the year spent in a merchant bank was NOT my cup of tea at all lol).. so the journey/commute to London is all very familiar - but the job is much more enjoyable... and the weekend commuters are slightly more relaxed.. ;o)

I spent the day running a workshop at Blade Rubber Stamps, situated near the British Museum, in the Bloomsbury area of London. They have an amazing selection of rubber stamps - especially wood mounted - its lovely to see them all lined up on the shelves, like little pieces of art (which I suppose they are really aren't they).
I visit this shop quite regularly as its close to the hospital I visit once a year - its my 'treat' after the visit (any excuse really!)..and so it was a pleasure to be teaching a workshop here.

The class was an newly updated version of my recent 'Book of Blooms' project (using new stamps and paints) - and this is the creative bombsite of a table - creativity in full flow.... so many stamps and paints to choose from...

and here are the lovely ladies responsible for that creativity with their projects... a pleasure to teach them....

.... and to create 'aprons' for 2 of them to protect their clothes from paint and creativity! lol  I thought it was a resourceful use of bin bags! :o)

This was a much nicer working day than my previous 9-5 - though maybe not as clean an tidy.. :o)

Thanks to the ladies for coming along, and to Deidre and staff at Blade Rubber... Hope to see you again soon



  1. Ladies look very happy. Thought that were going to show us your suitcase decorated up! X

  2. Happy ladies, happy teacher and a happy day, sounds just perfect:-) x


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