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26 August 2014

Why have plain white cupboard doors....

... when you can have paper patchwork doors!!

I've spoken about these doors when chatting about ways to use the paperstash (we all have it!)... and how instead of my favourite papers sitting unloved and forgotten in the stash I've chosen my absolute favourites (those ones that are so nice you don't actually want to use them lol) & cut them into 6x6in 'tiles' and papered the cupboard doors with them - I love them - they are inspiring and distracting in equal measure! lol

This cupboard is in the eaves of the loft space and designed to be a wardrobe, the doors are quite large - about 100x150cm each - so I have repurposed them! Along the top of the doors I glued cork tiles to create a 'notice board' - somewhere to keep inspiring or favourite bits and pieces... and inside the cupboard it is no longer a wardrobe...

... it is where I store stamps and (some)substrates - it is so organised it makes me smile:
* wood stamps are in the drawer unit.
* PaperArtsy hotpicks are in the baskets, Ink&TheDog are in a clear box 3shelves below.
* if I have a lot of a particular brand I store them in clear VHS tape boxes (perfect size, depth and easy to stack), and the A5 plastic paper boxes.
* all other unmounted stamps are either in file boxes, or in CD cases in racks (labelled with contents) - but I'm trying to re-home these into other storage....

.... simple accessible storage/filing - you see the administrator in me is always close to the surface lol

... and the doors themselves don't get wasted - look at all that lovely horizontal storage space! - I've started hanging strings of ribbon on them - next it will be other flat, light things - such as a paper trimmer, rings of washi tape and hooks for stencils...etc

If you're wondering where the JOFY stamps are they're stored separately - they have their own shelf on the other side of the room - not for any other reason than there's quite a lot of them now and I need quick and easy access to them (oh, ok- it also makes me happy and a little bit proud to see them all lined up like this):

Each wallet has a number sticker (on both sides) so that I ccan flick through to the plate I need (instead of pulling them each out to see the number lol) - its all getting a bit obsessively organised...  move away from the shelves & labeling Jo!! lol

Sometimes you have to be organised to be creative... lol, no not tidy - just organised! lol  tidy is a never-ending work in progress! (in my workroom anyway lol)



  1. Absolutely love the doors but the interiors are way too tidy. Make me feel extremely inadequate. I need a skip to "organise" all my stuff! X

  2. fabulous storage ideas, and I love the cupboard, what a wonderful use of the papers! now you can still stroke them, but you have also used some of them!! I'm an administrator too, but don't seem able to get organising my stash!!

  3. love organised Jofy, nice cupboard x

  4. Great looking storage systems !! I know what you mean about those papers that are too lovely to use - I take them out & stroke them occasionally - does that make me VERY sad ! Looking forward to coming to your class at the end of September ! Ali H

  5. Your door fronts look amazing, good to be so organised. I like organised chaos lol.
    TFS your new storage:-) xxx


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