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14 December 2014

Countdown to Christmas: Day 14

Our christmas tree has all kinds of baubles and decorations including four I made/decorated... I bought lovely clear baubles just crying out to be filled with 'stuff' (bought from Panduro).. festive stuff that can easily be removed and changed if next years christmas colour scheme is different...

This year I filled the baubles with natural tones to match the tree...

They are really simple to fill - just remove the hanging cap and drop things in!

A while ago I'd bought some cheap necklaces from a 'market' shop in my local town - the shop has now closed down, sad because it was a great place to buy jewelry with a view to taking it apart, 'upcycling' and using on other projects..

This bauble was a long strand of brown pearls - I left them connected so that they stayed as a clump in the bauble.

In this bauble I created layers of colour by adding strands of beads one at a time..

I added a strand of brown beads to this bauble and then some fine twigs (twisted willow) - I like the contrast between the natural twigs and the shine of the pearls... but then I had a 'what if...' moment and added some fine glitter... The glitter sits in the bottom, and sticks to the sides (static?) - and gives a lovely frosted effect..

Creating this last bauble has given me a new found respect for people who put ships in bottles! lol  I wanted to put a banner of text around the inside of the bauble - how to get it into the bauble?  how to keep it up upright?  how to stop it falling to bottom??

The answer to those questions is:
1. how to get it into the bauble?  Roll it around a pencil so it is a coil, hold onto one end with tweezers..
2 & 3:  how to keep it upright and how to stop it falling to the bottom:  I weighed down one end with a button & gems and attached the other end to the top of the bauble (under the hanging cap) - and the effect is a curl of paper showing the words 'happy christmas'.
The effect is like a filament in a lightbulb - love it.  I dropped in some additional pretty buttons for interest.

ho ho ho



  1. your baubles look fabulous, and so does the tree..

  2. Wow! They are completely stunning. I love the paper spiral.

  3. Great idea, totally baubleicious! X

  4. Fantastic effect, fantastic effort!

  5. Totally brilliant! Jo x

  6. Beautiful - I'm inspired to go through the box of vintage costume jewelry I have from my Mom and make some for my tree. Thank you for the nudge!


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