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13 November 2015

ALBOTAT: A little festive something.....

.... to brighten your day!

This has to be the BEST christmas advert in the UK so far this year - its going to take some beating!..
Its adorable, schmaltzy, & funny in just the right amounts!


Though I may be biaised because I have a chubby tabby similar to the one in the film lol

(not sponsored by Sainsburys (unfortunately), other supermarkets are available! lol)


  1. SO CUTE! If I had a cat I would want it to be of the chubby variety. Lx

  2. awww that is sweet and funny x

  3. Anonymous11:03 am

    Oh Jo - you managed to bring a big smile to my face on this dreadful day of horror in Paris. Mog is a pure delight -- and we cat lovers appreciate the ad even more because of the wonderful "real" personality shown in the ad.
    Thanks so much for posting it on the blog.
    xoxo Sally xoxo

    1. Hi Sally.. I'm glad it made you smile - the events in Paris have been dreadful, shocking and saddening. Hard to understand why people do such awful things. Take care. Jo

  4. Hi Jo, just stopped by on my browse through blog land this evening. What a brilliant ad. Thanks so much for posting it. It actually made me lol and smile the whole way through. And there's not much to make one smile today, just actions that make you wonder why. Friends of friends are in Paris, but thankfully safe. Hugs, Pauline xx

  5. Ha! That's sweet. The cat is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  6. it is the best - I have 3 tabby cats and oh boy can i imagine this happening !

  7. I am so glad you showed this I still haven't caught on TV - I have now saved it as a link to return to!! Happy! Happy! Happy!


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