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16 May 2011

Banana Frog!!

Yep its me! and this is a blog post - oh yes- an actual blog post with a picture and everything!! and just when you'd probably given up on me and gone to find something else on the web to look at...
Thank you for sticking with me and popping by if you've been doing that - I appreciate it - where would I be without you! (technically I'd be sitting here chatting to myself which lets face it is not really healthy, & there's only so long I can entertain myself.. &/or the cats, and they're quite easily pleased to be honest: food, tummy rub and a bit of ball throwing and they are pretty much happy!

Aaaaanyhoo enough waffling - its my day over on the pond that is Banana Frog HQ, so if you would be so kind as to form an orderly queue and hop on over to the blog to see what I made this month.

Thanks again for stopping by


  1. I loved this Jo - am halfway through a project and think a bit of bleach might just make the difference! Welcome, very welcome back to blogland!

  2. Hi Jo

    Is it possible for you to email me please as I think I might have something of yours sent to me by mistake. I'm wondering if you have the contents of the parcel I should have received lol JoFY/JoCS..easily done I guess. I couldn't find your email addy anywhere and my lappy is running so slow so this was the best bet. Cheers Jo...Jo x


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