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25 May 2011

What I did on holiday.... Part 2

So here's what else I did on holiday.. (as well as laying in the sun, reading books (4), feeding iguanas (who are fond of bananas - who knew!) and drinking cocktails)(responsibly, obviously)....  I created these with my holiday art kit (see previous post)... Tags: decorated, simply- with just sketches & colour.
Each one has a memory attached  - its part of my holday scrapbook  - I think my favourite is the skull wearing a hat - makes me smile - a nod to the Mexican 'day of the dead' and its to remind me of the day I felt like death after getting heat stroke after 3 hours looking at Mayan pyramids! 
No worries- these episodes all add to the holiday experience don't they (not that I'm recommending getting heat stroke - oh no no no.... what I would recommend when sightseeing is an umbrella to shade from the sun, lots of water, loose clothes (fully covered) and not walking around in the bloomin' mid day sun for 3 hours!! lol) It was worth it though - the Mayan pyramids at Chichen Itza - amazing structures, I wouldn't have missed visiting those - how did they build them!!! Amazing.
... and to give you an idea of their size look to the right of the pyramid - the small white rectangle with red circle at the top - thats a person with a brolly.


  1. Been loving your holiday stories, and the art work is fab!

  2. Stunning work lovely the skull is da bomb



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