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24 May 2011

What I did on holiday.... Part 1

.... normally when we go on holiday I take some art 'stuff' with me (because I start to get twitchy in a 'I-can't-lay-on-this-sunlounger-for-much-longer,-I-need-to-be-doing-something' type way) and sometimes the kit doesn't get used, so this holiday I pared down what I took: 1 ink pad, set of alphabet stamps, some blank tags, neocolor watersoluble pastels, black pen, white pen, waterbrush, scissors, rubber, & a pencil.  ooh and a small light sketchbook... now that might sound like a lot but it isn't really - quite a basic kit... and more importantly - NO RULER.. nope, nothing to draw a straightline with - and I like a straight line - I like neat... but I have been embracing my messy, just-go-with-the-flow side recently- and its been very liberating.

It took 'til about day 10 of this holiday before said twitch started (thats good for me) and so I created this, inspired by Kate Crane's grid calendars. 
She uses a block of colour for each day but I wanted the grid to be coloured and the boxes to be white/pale....  for me the most important piece of this was to create a freehand grid - no ruler and not being too concerned if the boxes weren't square, level or central.... focussing on the grid rather than the blocks.
Love NeoColor water soluble pastels - vibrant colours and really easy to work with...  and oh, not only was I drawing grids without a ruler but I was sketching too!  actual sketching! 

and all this with a pencil in one hand and a cocktail* in the other! .. multi-tasking!!

* speaking of cocktails I can't recommend a 'godmother' cocktail enough - vodka & amaretto!!!!!!!!!!! How have I got to the age of 40 without having tried one of those!  A very tasty tipple.. possible too tasty.. lol


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  1. love your take on the calendar challenge, expecially with such limited supplies, x


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