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1 July 2007

Attic/loft Clearing!

All day yesterday (and I mean ALL day - 10am to 10pm!) was spent clearing out our loft. We're thinking about moving so thought that clearing the loft was something to do sooner rather than later. Matt was threatening to get a skip to just put EVERYTHING in which was freaking me out slightly but in the end there really wasn't enough 'rubbish' for a skip - we're quite good about what we put in the loft ... not maybe good enough(!) but now we have a nice tidy loft... and we've suddenly realised how HUGE it is. We sorted out the storage- you know the sort of thing - putting small suitcases inside large suitcases, all christmas decs over there, decorating tools over here etc etc etc!

We're sorting stuff out for charity/ebay/bootsale... and I knew I had a couple of bags of cuddly toys that I'd bought with me from my parents house (12 years ago!) and I've gained a few more along the way and its seems a waste for them to be sitting up in the loft in bags when a small child somewhere might like them - give them some more love etc.... but I didn't want to just give them away - I still want a record of them.. so call me sad but I've just photographed them all (!) and I'm going to scrapbook them! Saying what their names are (yes most have names!), who gave them to me and if there are special memories attached to them... (and once this is done then I'll happily give them away for someone else to enjoy/love... (I will keep a few, obviously! the ones with special memories .. - .. well I can't part with Panda can I!)

This is Panda - he saw me through many a migraine as a child and never complained when I threw up on him and resulting in him being sent to the washing machine! Now I think of that I feel quite guilty that he's been in a recycling bag in the loft for the past 12 years! (but don't think I'm that mean - there were other toys in there to keep him company!) I'll get the toys I'm keeping a nice box to live in.

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