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31 July 2007

Stroke the Flock! Part 2

We're going to stay in the flat for a while longer and so we're giving it a bit of a spruce up and we're tackling the lounge first - because its a quick job (allegedly!). Not much is needed - decorated a couple of years ago - but I'd like a bit more colour in there - Mainly in the recesses either side of the fireplace.

So, as I've been craving flock wallpaper for a while now (am determined to have it in the flat somewhere!) we went to the wallpaper shop - I LOVE LOOKING AT WALLPAPER BOOKS!!!!! I could have stayed there ALL afternoon! I was quite good and only took 3 books home! And narrowed it down to these.

These pictures are of the wallpaper I have fallen in love with - its a slightly pearly/frosted background and the flowers are FLOCK!! How GORGEOUS are they!! The teal/turquoise is my favourite closely followed by the brown.

But, at £90.00 a roll (ouch!) it'll have to wait until we have our new house.
(I don't mind paying that, but I can't justify paying that and then moving 3-4 months later! Its a long term wallpaper. And if we decide to sell the flat rather than keep-and-rent the decor has to be relively neutral. Not everyone will like my flock wallpaper!)

Here is a photo of another version of the paper - I LOVED this colour way but am not sure that I could live with for long. A subtle-limey green on a brown background mmmmmmmm.
Its one those papers that you either love or hate) (but how could you not love it?!).

This one is must have! Chocolate brown flock on a chocolate brown backgound! L.O.V.E I.T!!!
It would have to hang on a wall where I couldn't reach it or I would be stroking it all the time... it'd end up with little bald patches!
(there was another similar one - brown gloss pattern on a matt background but the brown was quite reddish, so not quite what we (ahem, I!) was after. Lush all the same - especially in black!)

Anyway - we have chosen a paper, less of a statement than the ones above (but still slightly decadent!) and I'll post photo's when its up.... which will be soon my DH assures me......

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  1. Anonymous10:58 am

    It should only take a few days....;) DH


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