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17 July 2007

Sooooo much creativity!!

Had a fantastic day on Sunday with PaperArtsy - a day full of creativity - worked with new techniques and old ones rediscovered... and as a result I am coverted to Ranger Distress inks!!

Here (left) are the samples I've just created of the colour range I now have -I had thought they were dull and well, erm distressed.. turns out thats just because those were the colours I had!! - Old Paper, Antique Linen etc but oooooh look at the lovely vivid colours!! Just what I've wanted! and look how great they are when they're water splashed!!!!

So that's what I did at the Studio today, and these are the lovely (even though I say so myself!) technique tags I made on Sunday at PA:

This post is going to be a bit all over the place - because its been a while since I posted proper 'stuff' and so its just going to spew out! :o) you have been warned!.....

Duck and ducklings at Creasey's Farm

(You have to drive past the pond where they 'live' to get to PA which made me want to abandon the car where it was and walk the rest of the way instead of driving past and possibly squashing one!! I took this photo from the car window so you can see how close they were to the road - well you can see the road! So you get the idea!)

The ducklings were tiny -little bundles of squeeking fluff!

Leandra, Mark and their family (4 lovely children - who provided refreshments and great cake!) were great hosts, and where they live is so lovely - surrounded by fields and silence - none of the sirens and traffic we have here.
Soooo, great day- loads of ideas and a need for new materials - we each left with a bag of PA loviness to play with - here's a photo of some of it:

will post the creative results of these stamps etc as I produce them....

And now that I have moved all my home studio to Studio 12 its a lot easier to have a dedicated creative time...
Here is my 'new' space...:

Its a bit hard to photograph!
2.5x2.5 metres, a mastery of space planning!! (can never have too many shelves!!)
and its perfect - I love it!!! Its all enclosed and I can just switch off and get on with 'stuff'!
I still have some tweaking to do - got to get some blackout fabric to hang over a couple of the shelves to protect the paper from sunlight.
When I first moved in to this space I spent 10 minutes taking out all the screws and nails from the wall (from ArtTrail) and now I'm finding I'm having to put them all back to hang bits and pieces from!

Phew that seemed like a looooooong post! That's all folks!!



  1. Anonymous2:21 pm

    wow ! love that little corner of yours :o)))
    and those ducks !! they would not move would they !! LOL

  2. wow great space!!!!


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