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14 September 2009

just wandering around the www ....

... and via the 'simply handmade' blog I found these here. How great are these?! Covered in fabrics. You'd definitely know it was your suitcase as it came along the airport carousel with several hundered black/brown identical suitcases!

I altered my suitcase a few years back, not quite to the above extent, when I was going through a 'I've got a spray can and some lace and I'm not afraid to use them' phase...

No, obviously the fact that my suitcase is bright turquoise didn't make it identifiable enough for me! The lace stripe goes down both sides, and yes, they match! Well they had to didn't they!
M declined my offer of altering his. No fun - I wasn't going to put lace on his, or flowers... I was thinking maybe a big bar code or some cogs/wheels/clocks...... where's his sense of adventure! lol
(and btw for the record, that carpet is not mine! nice as it is...))


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