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29 July 2013

An Old Seadog's Sanctuary....

I started this project many many months ago... I planned to make this 'Beach Hut' (or Portaloo as they're affectionately known) from PaperArtsy into a Scrapheap Hut... I gathered together tires from toy cars, I covered the roof in scraps of metal 
I stamped the walls in Sky Fresco Finish and washed with French Roast... (I LOVE how the walls turned out - the hut looks as if its been created from boxes found in a skip or washed up on a beach)
... it was all taking shape & looking good.... and then I was distracted by other things and it has sat on a shelf since then... niggling at me each time I walk past... 

....until today... when it became 'An Old Seadog's Sanctuary'.... I can just imagine a gnarly old fisherman or sailor (cross between Capt Birds Eye and the uncle from Only Fools & Horses) sitting outside on the wood smoking a pipe...
This shabby little retreat was inspired by several things- a display at Birds in the Barn, the Dungeness home of director and artist Derek Jarman and a bag of shells I brought home from Mexico (last April, that was STILL on my desk  waiting to be put away - sometimes it pays not to be of the 'tidy' variety! lol)... all those elements look lovely against the dark background of the hut...
 ... and a phrase from JOFY16 which is available in shops now ( www.birdsinthebarn.co.uk have JOFY16 and mini23 & 24 in stock)
 ... pleased that all the little bits and pieces around the hut are found or rescued - shells from Mexico, the Portaloo was rescued, the gravel is from a flower or candle vase... OK the wood is a bit of a cheat - Artemio sells boxes of 'driftwood': lovely smooth pieces of wave worn wood ... I have some sea-worn glass pieces but I have no idea where (!) when they turn up (probably when I'm looking for something else) I'll add it to the composition.

... but for now I'm happy with it.....

I'll have some more projects to show you this week made with my new stamps and on Saturday I'll be demo'ing them over at The Craft Barn, South Nutfield.


  1. Jo, this is absolutely gorgeous!! What a perfect place of Sanctuary it is... can I move in?!

  2. That's Fab! love it! x

  3. Colours look brilliant.

  4. what a super project...love the effect you've created on the hut.


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