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22 July 2013

Fun filled week...

.... last week was a weird and wonderful selection of this'n'that...

tuesday - a normal day in the land of sparkly things...
.... and a quick trip over to PaperArtsy HQ.... I spy with my little eye something beginning with B H....

wednesday .... a lovely day over at Tewin teaching a couple of workshops for Card Inspirations - really nice to see some familiar faces (and of course new ones too)

thursday ...another 'quick' trip to a&e - its an on-going issue - all under control now :o)
... back home to find a pigeon has flown down our lounge chimney and can't get out - its not a big chimney (and pigeons are quite big) so we're not sure quite how it managed it - but it did.....

friday... 0700hrs  operation free pigeon! it took both me and hubby to extract our feathered friend from the chimney - it had settled (probably exhausted) on the mesh at the bottom of the chimney - our chimney hasn't ever been a wood/coal burning fire one so the mess was minimal (LOTS of lost feathers) and the pigeon, I can happily report, was fine - we (lol, ahem hubby) put it on the garden table and it flew off straight away - a happy ending.  We were quite proud of our rescue effort - while in our pj's at 7am!!

saturday... a this'n'that day

sunday.. a lovely day teaching my 'Grow' canvas workshop over at Crafting Time.... more about that in a later post...

It was a good week!
Something else exciting happened too but that's also for another post....
I spy with my little eye something beginning with BB...

Enjoy the sunshine...


  1. Jo, these are all soooooooooo pretty. I love them all.

  2. You tease!
    Happy craftin

  3. Love that Grow canvas xx

  4. Sounds like fun-packed week... fab cards, and that canvas looks amazing.
    Alison x


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