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9 January 2022

01/52 Bite-sized books... or snack-sized signatures....

Well hello!!  

Happy New Year!!!

New year, new project.... 

52 little books - these photos show the 35 I've made so far, I thought I'd give myself a headstart and get a feel for the project.

Each book measures approximately 2.5inches square-ish - give or take 1/2inch or so - made up of the bits and pieces that I can't seem to throw away because:

* they're interesting
* "aaw I loved this paper and don't want to throw it away"
* it looks useful
* I'd die cut extras
* I like a challenge

These 'books' - more like pamphlets really - are made of 3 pieces of paper/card (may or may not be accurately measured/folded - I'm embracing imperfection) folded in half and stapled in the middle... keeping it simple.

52 books - one for each week of the year... they are the signatures that will build up to be a book - not sure how I'll bind them together - that's a decision for further on in the project... very much depends on how big the project gets...

This will be a lovely project to work on through the year - giving a home to all the little bits and pieces that end up on my desk... and one a week is very achievable. Their size makes them easy to work on when I have a spare five minutes or need to find a home for the previously mentioned 'bits and pieces'.

Here's 1/52....

Thanks for popping by..



  1. Wow, what a brilliant idea, love them! Thank you for sharing and wishing you a happy and successful New Year 🤩🏆

  2. Can't wait to see how this gorgeous little collection builds week-by-week Jo! And great to see you back on your blog! Stef x


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