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12 August 2008

Great News & a Light Bulb Moment!

Today I had some brilliant news! of the crafting variety... really good.. will keep you posted

meanwhile... I've finished the little book featured in my last post, and have finished 2 other major projects and this means I have a clear up of both my home work space and at the studio (so I can at least see the cutting mat on the desk..lol).. I was still pondering what type of 'thing' to create each time I've finished a little something.. when I spied this:

under the desk at home. Its a rolladex type address thingy that I bought a while back with the intention of tranferring our address book into it...... that turned out to be way too much like hard work! lol!.... but - on came the light bulb - wouldn't it be great way to store mini creative creations in? YES is the answer - ATC sized (so nice and small) .....
I'm dusting it off and taking it to the studio......

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  1. Anonymous1:50 pm

    hi, love the little book sooo cute.
    this rolladex idea is scary i looked at one the other day but thought not sure what i could do with it. spooky!!! see you soon


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