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5 August 2008

a diddy little history...

This little book started out as a tester while playing with my Bind-it-all (love that machine!!) but has turned into an ongoing project.. each time I work on a new project I tend to end up with bits and pieces left over and so I'm using them to decorate a page in this little book... its quite small - measuring approximately 2x2 inches! bless! A diddy little history of bigger creations.
When its full I'll start using the bits and pieces on something else - probably more cards for the 'house of cards' (inspired by Eames) that I made a couple of years ago as a college project (below). I like that the cards can be interchanged and rearranged and never seems to go back in the same configuration twice! If a card gets boring it can be taken out and replaced by a different one. I'd like to see how big I can make it - the cards are 8x12cm in size and can be slotted together to be tall or wide.... (and when I get bored of them being on display on the fireplace they all pack up flat and fit in a small box... perfect)(or when Fredd has knocked them AGAIN - over one time too many!)
(or maybe I'll just make another little book...)

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