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17 August 2008

Stamps, classes and the cat... oh my!

Some days the Postie brings junk mail and bills, other days he brings nice things like interesting magazines... and then every so often there's a really good day when he brings packages containing lovely things like this on the left..... stamps by PaperBag Studio in the States. I'd been umming over these for a while and eventually gave in and here they are are in all their rubber glory on my studio desk... now I just have to find time to use them!

I had a really good couple of days teaching at Card Inspirations on Friday and Saturday. Smaller classes than usual but the customers really seemed to enjoy themselves and worked really well/ran with the class topics. Friday's Masterboard worked really well - everyone has the same stamps, the same colour inks, the same starting card stock and yet all the masterboards produced from them will be different. I enjoy seeing that happen.

Marred only slightly (!) by the fact that at home I had a very poorly cat attached to a drip at the vets, and I had no idea for a while if he was going to be OK or not........ he eaten part of a hydrangea leaf (!) and it had poisoned his system.

He came home on Friday evening (36 hours in the vets!), he had less fur, we had less money (vets bills...eek) and I had a few more grey hairs from the worry but he's now back to full purring capability and is being spoilt rotten. lol.

here he is - poor thing... he'd only just grown all his fur back from his last visit to the vets and its been shaved again... he did have a very smart bandage - apparently - but by the time I got home at 6pm on saturday he'd pulled it off... little devil.

So glad he made a full recovery - I don't think I could have lost another cat this year!
btw: photo taken from strange angle - it makes his head look wierdly large compared to his body which in real life it isn't! lol

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  1. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Aaaar Jo - poor Freds!!! Glad he has recovered - I must make sure Max stays away from the hydrangea! Love Lisa Shoreson xxx


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