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14 September 2009


I do love M&S, its just such a reliable place to shop and return things - though FYI: they've reduced their returns deadline from 90 days to 35 - which I only found out yesterday when I tried to return something! but bless them : M&S being M&S they gave me my refund (in way of a credit note) which I then promptly spent half of before even leaving the shop on this:

How lush a colour is that! Its so on trend colourwise (get me!) and its quite large - I can get my 25x25cm sketchbook (with all the other normal 'essentials') in it with plenty of room to spare! Love it... and it also came in a v nice ashes grey colour.... its going to look v nice with my green shoes..... oooh colour!! (the bag and shoes together are a bit Adirondack like Wild Plum and Lettuce.. lol)

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  1. Nice handbag - love the colour!


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